The green lion devouring the Sun is an ancient motif of alchemy. Contrary to the imaginations of many people, alchemists were not failed chemists. Rather, they were explorers of not only the chemical properties and reactions of substances but also practitioners of a sophisticated psychological art. Its goal was the…

What Lurks Behind

We are perplexed and fascinated by taboos and the people who break them. Yet, what constitutes a taboo and its function in the psyche of the individual and the collective is murky and ill-defined. Many Americans pride themselves on being members of a society lacking taboos. They see the increasing…

Viktor Shklovsky

During a recent quarantine, I read the book Russian Formalist Criticism: Four Essays, edited by Lee Lemon, and it made me reevaluate my writing and understanding of literature. Additionally, the book served as a solid introduction to Russian Formalism's important features. The most important being “defamiliarization”.

The last essay in…

Tony Leguia

Georgia boy trying to write something worth reading.

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